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Fuel Your Body. Balance Your Mind.

Premium Ingredients |  Premium Quality

Long Jing Tea, Gelato & Long Jing Jelly. Fresh fruits and healthy drinks

First ever Long Jing Bubble Tea & Gelato in Singapore. We have lots of selection for the family from bubble-tea lover to non bubble tea lovers, bird's nest,  iron bark honey, probiotics to hot and cold brew coffee.
A premier drink and gelato concept store that featuring an extensive menu of over 50 drinks and over 100 gelato flavours (ever-changing), desserts and pastries. Offering only the best quality and authenticity of premium ingredients with ingredients are imported from France, Australia, Korea and Taiwan.⁣ One can expect to find on menu is specialty Long Jing Tea, Birds Nest, Probiotics, Fresh Fruits.

Gelatos & Handcrafted Cone

  • Make with fresh fruits

  • Gelato - made in small batches, less sugar, natural ingredients, no stabilizers

  • Freshly handmade cones

Long Jing Tea &

  • Long Jing Tea with Bird Nest

  • Long Jing Speciality series

  • Bottled bird nest freshly brewed upon order

Yoghurt, Honey, Black Goji & Desserts

  • Iron Bark Honey from Australia

  • Homemade yogurt from Korea

  • Housemade desserts

Why us ?


Premium Ingredients & Halal

  • Fresh fruits 

  • Premium Ingredients from France, Australia, Korea, & Taiwan

  • Tea freshly brewed and pearls freshly cooked every day

  • Ingredients are all Halal-Certified from our suppliers except for alcoholic options. We separate our kitchen utensils & equipment to ensure it doesn't mix with non-halal products.

  • 100% Arabica coffee or cold brew


Gebiz Partner & Vendors@GOV

Easy for government organisations sector to enjoy a fast and secure payment process

Special Desserts

  • Tailored to your needs

  • Customize dessert bowl

  • Customize cake

Cold Brew Coffee

Custom-themed drinks & Event Customisation

  • Tailored to your needs

  • Create and customise new flavours and toppings

  • Customise desserts

  • Do unique stickers for your event

  • Contact us for special request


Bring your own cups, bottle or straws option

Why Us
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Our Services

  • Catering & Events - Corporate / School / Wedding / Product Launch / Festive / Groupbuy

  • Gift Voucher

  • Workshops

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